Assignment Shake-Up

Lightbulb Moment!  By Raymond Vidler, Electrical Installations in Building Services

In the final term of the last academic year, my year one JTL Electrical Apprentices were due to complete their final assignment. Prepared with handouts and all resources loaded onto the VLE, I started to introduce the final assignment to complete year one of their studies. As I started to explain the technicalities of the assignment, several students were discussing how their colleagues (year three apprentices) had completed a similar assignment!! Knowing the City & Guilds assessment framework and how the assignments have only two versions to rotate, I needed to think of how these students were to be stretched in this final assignment. It was break time and sitting in the staff room a “Lightbulb Moment” occurred, I had to mix up the delivery method of this assignment to stretch & challenge the students, welcoming the students back after break I announced how this final assignment would be completed…

I proceeded to explain the assignment brief and more information would be released next week on their requirements in completing this assignment. The options of informing the students could be VLE, Twitter, e Tracker, Facebook or student group discussions centred around the seating plan derived around the group profile, I chose the final option to see the look of horror on their faces!! In true ‘X Factor’ style there would be a further announcement next week – Boot Camp – the final twist!

Now the twist, the final five announcements,

  1. The presentations would be carried out in the lecture Theatre PG07.
  2. All presentations would be filmed for analysing and appraisal.
  3. All presentations would be attended by all of the electrical section and questions would be asked to confirm underpinning knowledge.
  4. The presentations would be attended by the Section Manager of Building Services and the Assistant Principal.
  5. The presentations would also be attended by the Regional Training Co-ordinator of JTL and the South East Training Officer.

The outcome:

With the simple changes of different venue and involving other members of staff and working with outside training partners, and in-conjunction with videoing – the outcome was incredible!

“I was impressed by the level of enthusiasm and the professionalism of the delivery, combined with good team-work and a high level of technical content which was far advanced for year 1 City & Guilds students – Well Done” David Howells (JTL Regional Training Co-ordinator)


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