Building Teams at Induction

By Karen McCafferty, AAT and Business

Activity seen in Induction with level 3 full-time accounting students for team building, following instructions, communication, peer assessment and a great opportunity to embed maths. (Thank you Mandy for this idea.)

Students are put into groups and each group is given an envelope with a selection of different coloured shapes – yellow circle, pink square, blue rectangle, purple triangle, green parallelogram, brown diamond, red pentagon, orange hexagon, turquoise octagon, black rhombus, white isosceles trapezoid (look it up!!) etc.

Each group of students is issued with a sheet of instructions:

  1. In your group, make a picture out of the shapes in the envelope – the whole group must agree on the picture.  You have five minutes to do this.
  2. When you have completed your picture, take a photograph of it, but keep it a secret.
  3. Write clear instructions on how you made this picture.  It may be a good idea to ‘road test’ your instructions to ensure they are clear.
  4. Pass your instructions to another group who will use them to re-construct your picture.
  5. On completion of the picture, compare it with the photograph of the original and give the group a score out of 10.
  6. Finally, give feedback to the group justifying the score that has been awarded and tell them how they would have improved their score.

To make it more challenging you could tell the students they are only allowed to use the correct names of the shapes. They could be allowed to use the internet to look these up.


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