Engaging and Motivating Students

By Nick Broome, Public Services

One of my coachees (Richard Reardon, Public Services) identified a brilliant way of engaging and motivating his students:

He divided his class in half. Each half became a team and had a Team Captain, who Richard selected based on attendance, namely the two of the worst offenders regarding lateness!

Each captain was made responsible for his/her team’s attendance and timekeeping. Points were awarded or subtracted for good or poor behaviour, lateness or arriving on time, arriving with or without kit, etc.

At the end of the academic year, the winning team was presented with a prize which every member of the class had contributed to.

In addition, one student per week performed the role of ‘duty student’ who was responsible for putting away laptops and other equipment.

This scheme was successful and it improved attendance and time keeping, it improved behaviour and general discipline and it provided the whole class with a greater sense of responsibility. It defused low level discipline issues effectively.

This year, Richard will change the format by breaking the class into smaller teams so that an inter-section competition can be run. He plans to widen the scope of this scheme from dealing with slightly negative issues into more positive outcomes.

A joy to observe while coaching and another way of managing classroom behaviour!


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