# using social media in the classroom # my experience

By Sarah Frais, Hair and Beauty

Embrace our social media trends in the classroom. Why fight it ? I will admit to struggling to understand its evolution over recent years after 25 years of teaching. When I started in FE education we had pigeon holes and no mobile phones (well bricks really) and the introduction of social media was the elephant in the room. I tried to avoid it but thanks to my dearest teenage children I decided to experiment various ways of introducing it in the classroom with my coachees.

Here are some examples of how we have tried using different social network sites within the Theatrical & Media Make up courses-

  1. Sharing examples of work socially – The theatrical and media make up team have shared examples of work on various platforms such as purpleport, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram and of course Facebook. Primarily we use Facebook and the students download their practical work to our gallery. They are encouraged to evaluate each other work and different ability students have self organised them selves into smaller focus groups. It also shows the whole world their images as some industry scouts are always looking out for new talent.

2. Bringing in industry experts to complete workshops and also use social media to interact with them – recently we had a well known fashion photographer #JamieSheehy visit us and students that were not able to be present were encouraged to follow him on twitter and pose questions through the duration of the workshop. Students like following him on Twitter and finding out about his professional lifestyle and examples of his work. They identify with a real person, rather than look up to them as an untouchable icon.

3.Students keeping a blog – uploading current images with self reflective notes and examples of work experience is an ideal tool to use for students. My level 3 media make up students are advised to do this especially in preparation for going on to HE.  Try Mahara – available via the VLE

4. Create a social classroom – Admittedly I have not tried this as I need to get to grips with the above but for the ILT savvy this is an option. Create a remote chat room environment on What’s App or Instant Messenger etc.. It will only work with smaller groups with a contained discussion topic.

These are just a few examples of what my coachees and I have tried out. Feel free to comment and give me other examples below.  Happy Tweeting. :))

Take a look at #socialclassroom on Twitter for more ideas: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23socialclassroom&src=typd


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