My Self Assessment

By Drew Howard

After completing the recent Gold Standard Programme Review for Teaching, Learning and Assessment, I reflected on a session that I participated in back in December delivered by Rob Davis to his Extended Diploma L2A group.  I then thought more critically about myself and my own group’s performance when completing this review as I felt that my own teaching needs an injection of more fun, innovative and enjoyable activities introduced into every session.

The only reason that I attended that session was because Rob was gathering resources one day and I provided him with my camping stove and kettle. I enquired as to why he needed them and his response was “we need to investigate gas laws, carry out various experiments and decide whether or not we agree with Boyle, Charles and Lussac”.

When Rob turned up the next day with candles, jars, empty cans, balloons, inner tubes, plastic cups, trays to hold water and a large bag of ice that he stored in the supported learning café’s freezer overnight, I said to myself,  “I must see this”.

The 2 hour session took place in T202… this is NOT a science lab but became one very soon after the start of the session.

After covering the routine professional standards to introduce a session, Rob highlighted several Health and Safety concerns and what provision he has made to reduce any risks, he finished this intro by saying “protect yourself at all times”.


His enthusiasm and positivity made us feel at ease and excited at what was to come.

It was obvious that careful planning of the session had been considered as Rob arranged the learners into 3 groups and identified high achieving Science and Maths learners in each group. Each group was provided with a laptop and informed of which law to research and prove its accuracy. We were all given a link to a video on you tube to visit in the first instance, as each team were viewing the video, Rob was placing various resources in the middle of each groups table and suggested some tips on how to use the equipment safely. He linked the Law’s very nicely to what happens during combustion inside an engine. The place was a hive of activity for the next two hours.

The recent Gold Standards Programme Review makes us look at our planning, group profile, assessment, e-resources, innovative use of diverse range of resources, independent learning, fun activities, problem solving, team work and peer learning.

This session had the full works and “mad professor Rob Davis” can congratulate himself and grade most criteria Outstanding!

Many thanks for allowing me take part in this session Rob, try not to cause any explosions in future sessions!



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