Progress at Level 3

By Karen Simmons

When I dropped in to an Early Years level 3 class recently, I noticed how the students were taking responsibility for their own learning and work completion. The Tutor had come up with an idea of how the students can decide for themselves how they would plan their lesson time to get whatever work completed that is necessary.

progress chart

During lessons, after taught input and where students are completing assessments, the students are asked to decide for themselves how they will spend their time and record this on the chart shown. This encourages students to focus on the task they have targeted for completion and the Tutor can see what the student’s intentions are and can check progress accordingly.  When the students complete the task they erase it from the chart and plan the next task that needs completing.  The students not only record what work they are completing but where they will be completing the work e.g. LRC.  The task completion is checked by the tutor on their return and again the chart is changed according to the next task that needs to be completed or worked towards.

I noticed how the students used this resource in a mature manner without resenting having to record their actions within the class/college. On asking the tutor how she found this chart is working she felt that it empowered the students to take responsibility in a mature and adult manner which is exactly the behaviour I witnessed for the time I spent in the classroom. The tutor can also continually track what the students are working on as well.

This idea is being used with two level 3 classes with a small amount of students in each class which perhaps means it is more achievable.  This idea may not work for lower level classes or where classes have a larger number of students and may need to be adapted to suit the class.  However this approach is certainly worthy of further consideration by tutors.


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