Embedding English – Activities

Lightbulb Moment – Embedding English – 4 Fun ways with vocabulary and terminology

I recently read a blog by Joanne Miles Consulting (https://joannemilesconsulting.wordpress.com/)  with all sorts of good ideas about how a simple vocabulary box could be used to embed English during a recap session or as a resource for revision exercises or for differentiated practice activities for early finishers.

A bank of word cards is built up session by session so that the class has access to key words from a range of topics delivered at different points in the learning programme.

Some teachers write one word per card, some put the word on one side and the definition/example on the other side, some put the word on one side and a picture on the other. Ideally the learners should be involved in the creation of the cards in the first place.

  1. Quick recap exercise (differentiated version)

Strong students: in pairs they take 10 words from the box. One student defines the word without saying it and the other has to guess the word being described.

Weaker students: in pairs they take 8 words from the box. One student shows the other a word and asks him /her to explain/draw/mime the word.

  1. Walls Exercise

Put 10 or 12 words from the box on the walls and students can walk round in pairs trying to explain the words and make an example sentence or give a definition. In feedback the teacher can explain words and get the students to guess which word is being described. This can be done as a competitive team game/quiz too.

  1. Word Grab

Students work in groups of 3, with a lot of the words laid out on the table face up. One student explains a word and the other two compete to grab the right word. The student with the most words at the end is the winner. The piles of words can stay on each table and the students can move from table to table until all piles have been covered.

  1. Noughts and Crosses

Grid on the board and class in 2 teams. For each numbered space the teacher pulls a word from the box and gets the relevant team to explain it and give an example sentence or definition. If the student/team do this correctly, they can put a cross or a nought in that square. This can be played in groups with a student in the role of teacher.

For more ideas, CPD, videos and blogs visit https://joannemilesconsulting.wordpress.com/



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