Personalised Study Programmes – Skills for Progression

What is Meant by Skills for Progression?

Skills which enable students to retain employment or be successful in further study

We have categorised them as:

1. Communication

2. Problem Solving

3. Teamwork

4. Self Management

5. Commercial Awareness

assess study skills

Linkages with 2015 CIF

  • Staff gather a useful range of accurate assessment information and use this to give learners incisive feedback about what they can do to improve their skills.
  • Staff set work that consolidates learning, deepens understanding and develops skills, and prepares learners very well for their next steps.
  • Learners are prepared for the next stage of their education, employment, self-employment or training.
  • Learners make substantial and sustained progress from their different starting points.
  • Learners are exceptionally well-prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment and have attained relevant qualifications, skills, knowledge and understanding.

(Ofsted, 2015)

Resources – Designed and provided by University of Portsmouth

Commercial Awareness Lesson Pack:

LessonPlan-Commercial Awareness

Case Studies

Cost of Poor Customer Service Activity Sheet

Cost of Poor Customer Service-Answer Sheet

Logos Quiz Extension

Logos Quiz Extension-Answer Sheet

Logos Quiz

Logos Quiz-Answer Sheet

Communication Lesson Pack:


Communication Activity Sheet

Communication Answer Sheet

Reflecting on the Week Activity Sheet

Weighing It All Up Starter Activity

Problem Solving Lesson Pack:

LessonPlan-Problem Solving

Being Creative Activity Sheet

What’s the Lesson About Crossword

What’s the Lesson About Crossword-Answer Sheet

What’s the Lesson About Word Search

What’s the Lesson About Word Search-Answer Sheet

Self-Management Lesson Pack:

LessonPlan-Self Management

Managing Ourselves PPT

Weekly Planner Activity Sheet

Weekly Planner Template

Teamwork Lesson Pack:


Community Matters Quiz – Starter Activity

Quiz – Answer Sheet

Self Reflection Tweet Sheet

Community Matters Activity

Marking Criteria and User guide:


Marking Criteria Overall

Marking Criteria Commercial Awareness

Marking Criteria Communication

Marking Criteria Problem-Solving

Marking Criteria Self-Management

Marking Criteria Teamwork


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