Student Union News

By Tony Payne, Student Activities Manager

I love a bit of democracy, and there’s loads of it going on at the moment! Firstly we’ve recently elected a new Students’ Union exec for next year. Turnout was down on last year, which is a bit of a blow as we’re trying to evidence democracy as British Value so I’ll have a think about how we make it easier for next year. Ten students were elected Jessica Foster from Performing Arts is the new President with Ellesse Cheeseman and Luke Pollard (Science), Susie Haynes (HE Public Services), David Johnston (Supporrted Learning), Elliott Lawton (Performing Arts), Casey Pownall (Hair)  Jamie Dixon (A-Levels), Yann Trokhymenko (Business)  and Jack Marsh (Media) forming the rest of the executive committee.

We’ve just had the PCC and London Mayoral elections last week and the EU referendum is coming up on Thursday 23 June! There will be a debate for students to participate in before the vote (when I can get a hall) and Emma Fruin has a brilliant enrichment session you can use if you need it. It’s a tough subject to get your head past the “opinions” to find the facts but a good resource is  This is a once in a lifetime vote affecting everyone so please try and promote to your students.

The fifth annual student-led staff awards and class rep awards are coming up soon and students have until Friday 13 May (this Friday) to submit nominations – we are happy to come to classes and talk about the process. Please email me to arrange. All the info can be found at  and It would be great to hear about any great work your class rep has done.



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