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Welcome to CPD at Canterbury College!  This site is dedicated to sharing resources and pull together links, ideas and publish news in one place… I hope you enjoy!  Elaine x

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Continuous Professional Development (CPD) focuses on 3 key areas:

Teaching, Learning and Assessment – This focus is on the high quality planning, delivery and assessment of teaching and learning to enable successful outcomes for learners.  Including classroom techniques, understanding student needs and using technology for learning.

Personal Development – Workforce and Workplace – This focus is about the effective personal development of individuals and teams based on our competency framework, your career journey and changing skill sets required.  This is coupled with an understanding of the shifting priorities and requirements of being a FE sector and lifelong learning organisation.

Professional and Vocational Skills – This focus is on the changing standards and expectations of support functions (such as funding, finance, IAG) and the vocational teaching areas in which our staff need to understand to effectively support and prepare our learners for progression.

We are keen to foster a learning culture involving staff sharing good practice, building professional relationships and setting performance improving goals together.

How do I apply for staff development funding?

You’ll need to complete a staff development request form Application Form 2015-16 for any qualification, course, conference or event that would like to participate in.

  1. Fill out all parts of the form including cost and dates
  2. Pass to your manager for them to complete the justification and sign
  3. Director/Assistant Principal to sign
  4. Form returned to Training and Development Officer
  5. You’ll receive a confirmation email informing you of the outcome
  6. Book – Attend – Learn – Evaluate!

The following staff development categories have been given priority:

  1. Teacher Training Qualification
  2. Induction
  3. Teaching and Learning strategies/ Improving the Learner Experience and Sharing Good Practice
  4. Professional/Industrial updating
  5. Vocational Qualifications
  6. Equality and Diversity
  7. Health and Safety/Safeguarding
  8. Awarding Body Training and Updates
  9. Behaviour Management
  10. Functional Skills
  11. Leadership and Management
  12. ICT Skills

The College’s mission statement is ‘To be the best at Teaching and Learning’.  All training, learning and development activities aim to aid the improving practices, knowledge and skills to develop the whole organisation and individuals for the benefit of students and staff.

What if I’ve identified a learning need but can’t find something suitable to attend either externally or internally?

You should always discuss your learning and development needs with your line manager. It may be that many people in your team have the same need and therefore training can be organised especially for you.

If you have any queries about training, learning and career development you can also contact the Training and Development Officer. These meetings can be confidential if required.

Evaluating Learning

All CPD should be evaluated to ensure staff development outcomes make an essential contribution to the growth of Canterbury College.

Staff attending any in house or external programmes/activities/training should complete an online evaluation form at the end of the activity. This form may sometimes be amended/customised to suit the requirements of the course and to take on board any comments and readjust future events accordingly.

The event should be discussed with the line manager, who should support the implementation of any appropriate learning/changes. It is important that the Training and Development Officer is informed if an event or provider/tutor proves to be unsatisfactory so that the College can take this into account in assessing future applications.

Compliance Training – Do I have to do all of the online assessments?

Yes, all staff must complete the following online training units:

  • Data Protection
  • Disabled Go – Disability awareness
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Health and Safety x 8
  • Safeguarding
  • Prevent

These should be updated every year and can be found under the Staff Training tab on the VLE.


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