Coordinators Leadership Programme

Aspire – A Leadership Programme especially designed for Coordinators

The programme consists of eight modules designed to deliver masterclasses on setting priorities, curriculum development, improving teaching and learning through observation and sharing best practice, essential communication strategies, presenting data to inspectors, handling disagreements positively and motivating staff for better performance.

Classes for each module are repeated 4 times per week, running Monday to Thursday mornings, so just book yourself onto the one that suits you best.

Extra sessions in the afternoon can be arranged if requested.  Coaching/tutorial sessions are also available Monday to Thursday.

Book your course dates according to the modules below.

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Programme overview:

Module Number Module Content Dates


All sessions 9.30am to 12.30pm



1 Programme Leadership – Towards creating an outstanding Curriculum

·         What inspectors look for

·         Study Programme success case studies – using local partnerships and work experience

·         Leading by example

·         Developing the culture of Teaching and Learning


Monday 29th Feb

Tuesday 1st March

Wednesday 2nd Mar

Thursday 3rd Mar


Phil Elliot, Institute of Education

2 Leadership in FE: Values in action and successful meetings

·         Making a difference

·         Essentials of management

w/c Monday 7th March

(2/3 days)



w/c Monday 14th March

(2 days)



Derek Hooper


Introduction to Personal Leadership

·         Developing self-confidence and having difficult conversations

·         Change management

·         Strategy planning and implementing

3 Managing Data and self-assessment in FE

·         The key pieces of data which you need to know

·         Managing and being accountable for your data

·         Measuring successful performance

·         The improvement plan

Monday 18th April

Tuesday 19th April

Wednesday 20th April

Thursday 21st April


Tony Davis

4 Management skills – Being resilient

Anxiety, personality and social issues effect our resilience levels. Part one will also help participants analyse how resilient they are.   In part two, we will consider how to build emotional, physical resilience by considering methods to positively handle conflict and common workplace difficulties.

Plus additional one to one sessions available on:

Aspirational Teaching – Considers ‘buy in’ from colleagues, teaching tips to share and preparing learners for the workplace in a fun manner

Monday 25th April

Tuesday 26th

Wednesday 27th

Thursday 28th



Dr Anna James, March Training Ltd.

5 Managing Ofsted

·         Working from an accurate starting point

·         What you need to prepare

·         How to give the best account of yourself and your department

·         Working with the new CIF 2015 – Inspection evidence

Monday 9th May

Tuesday 10th May

Wednesday 11th May

Thursday 12th May



TBC, Institute of Education

6 Advanced Personal and Curriculum Leadership

·         The differences between leadership and management

·         Communicating as a leader

·         Leading by example

·         Leading change and transition

Monday 23rd May

Tuesday 24th May

Wednesday 25th May

Thursday 26th May



Paul Grainger, Institute of Education

7 Managing the Expectations of Others – vertically and horizontally

·         Managing the expectations of senior managers

·         Team dynamics and managing the expectations of peers

·         Motivating and coaching for improved performance

w/c 6th June Paul Grainger, Institute of Education
8 Consolidating Learning:

·         Looking back – Evaluation of modules 1 to 7

·         Looking forward – 2016/17 priorities

·         Extension of modules 2, 3, 6 and 7.

w/c 20th June  

Derek Hooper

Extra twilight sessions can be arranged if requested. Afternoon coaching and bite size sessions are available Monday to Thursday – Just click here if you’d prefer this option