Lightbulbs! The monthly Teaching and Learning Newsletter for Canterbury College

Current issue:

Welcome to Issue 4 of Lightbulbs! A collection of articles and ideas contributed by our own coaching team and the colleagues they work with.  This month is about Growth Mindset, differentiation and using ILT!  Each article is intended as bite-size CPD and will explore strategies, guidance and resources to help you innovate in and out of the classroom.  This is really about teachers talking about teaching, so don’t think the chat is one way, we’d encourage you to take the time to read the short articles, add a comment, a suggestion, contribute an idea of your own or simply click the ‘like’ button if you find it interesting and useful.  We’ve enjoyed creating this, we hope you enjoy reading it and joining the conversation!

Progress at Level 3 – Karen Simmons, Coordinator in Early Years, shares a great example of students taking responsibility for their own progress in lesson.

My Self Evaluation – Drew Howard, Coordinator in Motor Vehicle, shares what he learnt from “mad professor Rob Davis” and his Programme Review

Involving Students in the Learning Process – Vernon Kearl, Coordinator in Health and Social Care shares his staff room conversation on embedding Growth Mindset.

Quick Guide to Differentiation – Rachael Ellard, Coordinator in Animal Care, looks at what differentiation really means for tutors on a daily basis using some hints from Geoff Petty and her colleagues.

Embedding English – 4 Fun ways with vocabulary and terminology Jo Jones, AAT Lecturer, shares 4 strategies to embed literacy development for key terminology.

Dear Jerrelle… Jerrelle Karakanna, Coordinator in Science, put a question box in the staff room and colleagues anonymously submitted questions they had about teaching and learning…

Innovative Learning Technologies Learning Futures have put together a fantastic set of eCPD courses that take you through such things as screencasting, gamification and project management – all designed to be easy to understand and implement in your own teaching

Next issue: Easter A big thankyou to the coaches that contributed their articles this month.  Your time, effort and know-how is very much appreciated!  Lightbulbs Newsletter for Teaching and Learning at Canterbury College is curated and edited by Simon Bigrigg (Performance Improvement Project Manager) and Elaine Hunt (Training and Development Officer) in the Quality Team.  If you have suggestions or would like to contribute an idea or article – just get in touch using the buttons above.

October 2015 issue includes:

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall – Using Twitter to unlock your outstanding by Russell Griffiths, Building Services

Improving Enrolment – Using assessment centres by Adrian Gray, Public Services

Building Teams at Induction – Activity by Mandy Ridd and shared by Karen McCafferty, Business

Assignment Shake-Up! – Brining together group profile, college staff and stakeholders by Raymond Vidler, Building Services

Talking the P – Embedding high expectations throughout Induction and Tutorials by Bernard Wathey

Peer Observing English – Feedback and learning from a coaching partnership by Cheryl Philpott, Hair and Beauty (Swale)

Engaging and Motivating Students – Implementing a team ethos to improve behaviour by Nicholas Broome, Public Services



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