T&L CPD Right here, Right now

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Need some inspiration?  Squeezing in some CPD?  Look no further…

Learning-treeIf you’ve got 10 minutes to brush up on your pedagogy…



Plan-Apply-Review for Peer and self assessment



Stages and techniques for lessons



Using Coaching Skills in Tutorials (linked to Unit 25 in L5 Dip Ed):

Tutorial training – Coaching Skills for Students [Recovered]

SMART Targets

Training materials from SEN related courses:

Understanding individuals with PMLD reading material 8 Dec 2014

ADHD In The Classroom

Techniques for a Calmer Classroom – Teachers delegate copy

Assistive Technologies

Strategies and methods for Assessment

Showing Progress

Innovative Learning Technologies (with nothing to be scared of!)


Learning Futures – E-learning Delivery ‘How to implement blended learning’

Learning Futures – Design and Create Videos for Learning

Learning Futures – Gamification ‘Making something serious, fun’

Learning Futures – Online Badging ‘explore how badges have been used to set goals, motivate behaviour, represent achievement and communicate success in the education and training sector’

Learning Futures – Line of Sight to Work ‘Engaging with employers to shape the curriculum’

Learning Futures – Instructional Design “instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective and appealing” (Merril 1996).

Learning Futures – Screencasting ‘how screencasts can be used to deliver learning, explore some examples of effective practice, and get some tips on how to get the best out of using screencasts’

Learning Futures – Project Management ‘the effective use of project management skills has a significant influence on the achievement of goals and quality of project outcomes’


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