ideas Cloud 4This page is devoted to sharing useful resources for designing  and assessing learning, if you’d like to share a resource please email

Please use the comment boxes available to share your experience if you try them out!

Dr Dylan Wiliams – Recording of webinar streamed on 10th Nov 2015

Presentation slides (pdf) ‘Askign the Right Questions – Dylan Wiliam Webinar – The Right Questions 20151111

Differentiation dice – Cut out and create dice template, easily editable to suit your topic and group.  Die 1 is a generic starter/plenary dice with questions designed using Blooms Taxonomy (below).  Die 2 is designed to question students on the reading comprehension of an informative piece of text.  Die 3 is designed to challenge learners to independently check their SPaG in written work.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Teacher Planning Kit – All you need to effectively differentiate outcomes, questions and tasks.

BEHAVIOUR CARD – Cut out or keep as an A4 sheet to keep a record of student behaviour.  Some operate a 3 strikes and move to a stage, miss out on a trip, etc. for negative behaviour.  Can also be used for 3 good deeds and reward…

Getting learners to ask better questions – Easy to use matrix to use when planning and in the lesson itself.

Showing_progress templates – Visual charts and methods of peer and self assessment

Secret agent numbered cards – Love these… can be edited to set challenges, extension tasks, group roles, personal targets, progress targets, anything you can think of really!

knowledgegridgeneric – Pre-assessment task to ascertain starting points for learning, edit to contextualise for your subject/topic.

Superhero AFL – Super plenary activity, ask students to pick a superhero and answer the question either verbally or in writing (or both) or preselect certain categories and differentiate question options according to students.

Differentiation_Deviser – Activities for planning differentiated learning


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